Cost of Living in Bursa, Turkey

What is so interesting in Bursa that makes it so attractive to both tourists and newcomers is not determined yet, but its closeness to Istanbul, combined with the rent prices lower than they are in Istanbul, certainly affect the rising number of people settling there.

Another advantage of choosing Bursa rather than Istanbul is the size of the city, as it is on one hand always easier to get around the smaller city, and on the other hand the cost of living in general is more affordable.



The prices in restaurants vary, depending on the location, quality of food and prominence.

Meat lovers will be disappointed to find out that the prices of red meet are quite high, while chicken is pretty affordable.

Alcohol is expensive due to the heavy taxation.



The most expensive food stuff in Bursa, as well as in the whole country, is the meat.

You will find out that beef and pork are not easily available, and if you manage to find them, the prices are unresaonable.

Groceries should be purchased wisely, at local markets and on discounts.



Among the most expensive daily cost in Bursa is driving.

Even though the price of gasoline is not too high, many other expenses should be taken into account.

For a newcomer, driving is the last means of commuting that is suggested here.



Unlike the rest of Turkey, especially the places like Ankara and Antalya, where the utilities prices are almost negligible, services in Bursa are higher.

It can be added to the closeness to Istanbul where all the costs are more expensive.

You will need to devote around $100 per month for basic utilities including the Internet access.

Sports and leisure


Bursa offers proximity to a ski center and this can be attractive to lovers of the outdoor activities, thus affecting the price of fitness clubs and tennis courts.

In general, it can be said that those prices are quite reasonable and affordable, and sports people will be satisfied with them.

Clothing and shoes


The least money is given for clothing, as it is a category which can be easily avoided even though the prices are not so high as in many European countries.

However, buying designer clothes here is not a custom, as people do not earn too much to be able to afford it.

Rent per month


Bursa is ideal for people who want to be close to Istanbul and get easily there, while do not have to pay the huge amount of money for accommodation.

The rent prices in Bursa are around the average for Turkey, and it is possible to afford a decent living space with the average salary.

Cost of Living Averages Table for Bursa

Average Restaurant Prices
Meal (Inexpensive Restaurant) $3.79
Domestic Beer (0.5 Liter) $2.47
Water (0.33 Liter) $0.23
Average Market Prices
Milk (1 Liter) $0.83
Loaf Bread (500g) $0.44
Eggs (12) $1.71
Average Transport Prices
One Way Ticket $0.49
Monthly Pass $29.88
Gasoline $1.25
Average Utilities Prices
Basic (Water, Electricity, Garbage, Heating, Cooling) $70.54
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local $0.15
Internet (Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) $13.53
Average Leisure Prices
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult $23.27
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour) $9.91
Cinema, 1 Seat, International Release $2.85
Average Clothing Prices
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Comparable) $34.39
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, etc...) $20.12
1 Pair of Adidas Walking Shoes (Mid-Range) $67.26
Average Rent Prices
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Center $173.70
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Center $117.38
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Center $330.95

How Does the Average Person Spend Their Money in Bursa?

As in the majority of cities in Turkey, food is the greatest expense.

It is not the price of food that affects this situation, but the need of people to spend more on this necessary thing of the utmost importance for a living.

The second most expensive cost here is transportation rather than the rent, which is not a frequent case in other countries.

Quite a lot is spent on utilities, which are more expensive here than in Antalya and Ankara.

Utilities (Monthly)
Sports & Leisure
Clothing & Shoes
Rent Per Month

Bursa: Average Salary, Minimum Wage & Mortgages

Even though rent prices are not high, owning your own place of living is a great way of putting some money aside or spending it on other expenses.

However, the mortgage interest rates in Bursa are extremely high, exceeding 22%, so a newcomer seeking for a better place to live would not be suggested to purchase it.

If you get the chance of negotiating your salary with your employer, make sure to get at least the average, so as to be able to manage a decent life here, especially if you are coming with your family.

Average Salary$449.98
Minimum Wage$264
Mortgage Interest Rate22.21%

Cost of Living by City in Turkey

*Click the name of the city for more information.

City Cost of Living Index
Ankara 34.77
Antalya 33.78
Bursa 33.72
Istanbul 37.85
Izmir 34.03

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