Privacy Policy

We at understand that privacy is of the utmost importance.

Our commitment to privacy and security is strong.

In the following Privacy Policy, you will find that we have taken every step and precaution to ensure that your privacy is kept, private.

Additionally, the policy will inform you of the type of data we are collecting, why it’s being collected, and what we are doing with it.

Please read forward to understand how committed we are to your privacy.

The Data Our Website Receives and How We Use It

To provide effective services, our website collects generic consumer data that is not individually identifiable.

We collect this data for statistical, demographic, and promotional purposes only.

The web server we use can recognize the Internet Protocol address of visitors, among other things including, web pages visited, the date and time our website was accessed, as well as tracking the number of time users spend on our website.

Specific details about individual users remain private, and not available to us.

We collect this data in order to better serve our clients.

This data is used to help us improve on our website’s functions, fix any problems plaguing our server, and monitor traffic for our site.

Occasionally we may share statistical and demographic data about visitors with our marketing team.

This data is used to evaluate visitors to our website as a group, not as individuals.

This demographic data is purely for evaluation purposes and does not include sensitive or personal data about individual users.

Ad Networks Operating on our Website and The Data They Receive

On our site, we allow a variety of ad networks and partners to display advertisements on our site.

These networks are also allowed to collect your non-personal data in order to provide advertisements that might be suited to a user’s specific interest.

Users have the option to cancel personalized advertisements, however, you cannot opt-out of the generic ads that run throughout our website.

These advertising partners only have access to the same generic data that we collect, therefore they do not have any access to personal, private, or sensitive information of our website users.

Users Comments

Users are able to make comments on our website.

The exact content of these comments is the full responsibility of the commentators.

This includes any personal or sensitive information that might be shared across the platform, whether intentional or not.

Should users’ comments not meet our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to edit or remove any comments.

Any comments deemed inappropriate, erroneous, inflammatory, etc., are subject to removal.

We do not take responsibility for any personal data disclosed by a commentator and then used by a third party.

Links to Other Websites contains a variety of links to other websites which might require users to provide personal data and information.

Private information such as your name, address, phone number, email addresses, and links to social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc, mightbe requested by these third-party links.

We at do not have control over how these third-party participants will handle the sensitive data you submit to them.

Therefore, we do not take any responsibility for their uses.

The Privacy Policy only applies to data collected by our website, we are not responsible for anyone else’s website.

Users should take caution before providing personal or sensitive details to these linked websites, and read their terms of service and privacy policies.