Cost of Living in Montpellier, France

The old city of Montpellier was a tiny place surrounded by slopes with a castle in the center.

There are still numerous cozy streets and squares.

The city is known for its trading routes with Spain and Italy due to its geographical location.

Montpellier is a calm and modest place where you can spend a colorful vacation or settle down for life.

Among numerous stores and museums, there are many souvenir and antiquary shops, and bookstores.

The prices are surprisingly affordable.

And, of course, Montpellier is famous for wineries and white sands on the beach.



The prices in the restaurants differ according to the level of the eatery and its location.

The fast food areas will offer food for $9.09 while a good mid-range restaurant can feed two persons with three-course meals for $56.84.

You can also eat in a budget cafe for $14.78 per meal.

A cup of a regular cappuccino does not exceed the price of $3.41.



Depending on the time of the week, in different districts of Montpellier, you will be able to buy fresh garlic, onion, potato, meat, and fish.

Covered markets are open almost every day of the week and the range of products there is really impressive.

Cheese, mushrooms, flowers, books, wine, greens and pastry are what the assortment will never be limited to



The main representatives of the public transportation in Montpellier are trams.

They are really comfortable and fast and you can get to any part of the city using one of four tramway lines.

Sure, the taxis are also available at the price of $5.40 per start and $2.15 per kilometer.

A new car like Volkswagen Gold or Toyota Corolla runs anywhere between $22,168 and $23,873.



This beautiful southern French city seems to be a gem in the crown of France.

But every living creature a resident of Montpellier receives monthly bills that even monarchs have to pay.

Basic commodities cost $152.49, the Internet connection – $28.23, and a minute of a prepaid mobile phone tariff is $0.26.

Sports and leisure


The geographical location of the city has predestined it to develop water sports.

Tourists and locals are more than happy to be able to do kayaking, gliding, yachting, fishing, swimming, rock-climbing in the waterfalls and lots of others.

Standard exercises in the fitness clubs cost $39.79 for an adult per month, and an international film in the cinema is around $11 per seat.

Clothing and shoes


In case you are a businessman or woman, you will definitely need a new pair of leather shoes for your next meeting in Montpellier.

They will cost you $125.05 in the local shops.

If you are going shopping in a mall, you will find a lot of chain stores of your interest, where the prices are lower than in most French cities.

Rent per month


Montpellier has to offer a number of offices, houses, apartments, and private rooms for rent.

You have to choose according to the location, price and your preferences.

The average prices for comparison are the following: a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is $690.64, the same one outside the downtown is $511.58, and three bedrooms in the center are $1,216.43 against $1,068.64 in the suburbs.

Cost of Living Averages Table for Montpellier

Average Restaurant Prices
Meal (Inexpensive Restaurant) $ 14.78
Domestic Beer (0.5 Liter) $ 6.54
Water (0.33 Liter) $ 1.56
Average Market Prices
Milk (1 Liter) $ 1.02
Loaf Bread (500g) $ 1.50
Eggs (12) $ 3.12
Average Transport Prices
One Way Ticket $ 1.82
Monthly Pass $ 45.47
Gasoline $ 1.60
Average Utilities Prices
Basic (Water, Electricity, Garbage, Heating, Cooling) $ 152.49
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local $ 0.26
Internet (Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) $ 28.23
Average Leisure Prices
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult $ 39.79
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour) $ 17.05
Cinema, 1 Seat, International Release $ 11.37
Average Clothing Prices
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Comparable) $ 94.12
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, etc...) $ 36.38
1 Pair of Adidas Walking Shoes (Mid-Range) $ 94.55
Average Rent Prices
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Center $ 690.64
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Center $ 511.58
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Center $ 1216.43

How Does the Average Person Spend Their Money in Montpellier?

Montpellier remains the city in France where people go to enjoy the food.

Different delicacies, pastries, oysters, soups, and selected wines make people spend 33.4% of their income on the markets.

Monthly rent takes second place in the charts of the expenses of an average person.

The third place is traditionally given to transportation, trams and gasoline, and utilities (water, garbage, electricity, heating, cooling, and housekeeping).

Prices for utilities are not high at all, so the statistics have fixed around 6.6% spent on monthly bill payments.

The climate of the city is mild, so there are no heavy fur coats or warm hats that people have to wear.

They spend only 3% of the money on clothing and shoes.

Utilities (Monthly)
Sports & Leisure
Clothing & Shoes
Rent Per Month

Montpellier: Average Salary, Minimum Wage & Mortgages

An average salary (the figures are given per month and the taxes have been excluded) makes $1,805.69 per person.

This is enough to pay for rent and bills and save for leisure and hobbies.

The more the better, as we all know, but the minimum wage does not differ a lot from the average salary.

Only $100 less is paid to the employees without qualification, former students or workers.

In case a person moves to Montpellier but refuses to pay monthly rent or cannot buy an apartment, the local banks and brokers offer mortgage loans at easy terms for 20 years.

The interest rate is 2.00% per year.

Average Salary$ 1805.69
Minimum Wage$ 1741.8
Mortgage Interest Rate2.00%

Cost of Living by City in France

*Click the name of the city for more information.

City Cost of Living Index
Bordeaux 76.31
Grenoble 78.43
Lille 67.73
Lyon 78
Marseille 64.64
Montpellier 74.08
Nantes 72.37
Nice 75.84
Paris 84.68
Strasbourg 75.47
Toulouse 76.3

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