Cost of Living in Zagreb, Croatia

The capital city is, no doubts, the main political, economic and cultural center of Croatia.

Zagreb is also the most populated city where the majority of local citizens are Croatians.

Tourism is a profitable business here along with the trading and industrial branches.

Zagreb has a large bus station and a railway; a funicular connects the upper and the lower city.

This allows local citizens and guests to reach some popular destinations that Zagreb has to offer.

Numerous museums, galleries, private and state studios, educational and scientific centers, restaurants and shops answer the door to all those knocking.



Looking for water on a hot day in Zagreb?

Average local shops sell a small bottle for $1.48.

Although, some guys don’t miss a chance to have a bottle of cold beer.

The imported one is $2.78, and domestic is a little bit cheaper.

Hungry office workers, a three-course meal is $38.66 in a local mid-range restaurant (for two).



Zagreb is no different from the other cities in Croatia.

People love spending money on food here.

And they prefer to go to markets, too.

To feel comfortable buying all the necessary products, please, have as much as $45-50.

A bottle of mid-range wine is $6.19. Lettuce, onions, potato, tomatoes, oranges, apples are less than $1 per pound.



Taxi drivers will eagerly take you to the nearest and farthest locations in Zagreb, Croatia.

The average price for the taxi start is $1.55, the price for a mile is $1.49.

Making a taxi driver waiting for you will burn through some $0.10 per minute.

Private car drivers spend $5.92 for a gallon of gasoline.

By the way, a new nice car in Zagreb costs from $18.356 to $23.351 (Toyota, Volkswagen or similar).



Prices for utilities in Zagreb sometimes exceed $200 for as much as 25%.

Unlimited Internet connection with cable or ADSL costs $25.34.

Mobile prices depend on the duration of your conversations.

Locals usually pay 10 cents for a minute of prepaid connection, that is $6 per hour.

Sports and leisure


Visiting the cinema in Zagreb is surely loved by locals.

You can also try it even if you don’t speak Croatian.

Some international releases will charge you $5.41 per seat.

Those who do not consider themselves couch potatoes, those always in motion can find fitness and tennis a good alternative to movies.

You can see the average prices in the chart below.

Clothing and shoes


The capital citizens spend too little money on their image.

There simply are some more important spheres in life.

As for the wardrobe, you can add a few new things to it for only $200.

Well, a pair of men leather business shoes can be $100.

The rest is just below the price.

Rent per month


Although the majority of Zagreb citizens live in their private apartments or houses, lots of expats, tourists, and students search for the rented space.

You can choose to share the apartment with someone else, then the price for one bedroom in the city center will cost you around $160.

The whole 1 bedroom flat is $486 in the downtown.

Cost of Living Averages Table for Zagreb

Average Restaurant Prices
Meal (Inexpensive Restaurant) $6.91
Domestic Beer (0.5 Liter) $2.30
Water (0.33 Liter) $1.47
Average Market Prices
Milk (1 Liter) $0.96
Loaf Bread (500g) $0.89
Eggs (12) $2.30
Average Transport Prices
One Way Ticket $0.61
Monthly Pass $55.31
Gasoline $1.55
Average Utilities Prices
Basic (Water, Electricity, Garbage, Heating, Cooling) $199.76
1 min. of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local $0.10
Internet (Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) $25.34
Average Leisure Prices
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult $42.23
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour) $11.50
Cinema, 1 Seat, International Release $5.38
Average Clothing Prices
1 Pair of Jeans (Levis 501 Or Comparable) $92.07
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store (Zara, etc...) $36.50
1 Pair of Adidas Walking Shoes (Mid-Range) $86.49
Average Rent Prices
Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Center $485.76
Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Center $333.62
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Center $568.32

How Does the Average Person Spend Their Money in Zagreb?

This is not a surprise that Zagreb citizens earn much, but there is no secret that most of their earnings get spent.

You can check the figures and compare them to your money making and spending habits.

Eating to live can be named the motto of an average Croatian local.

Most of their amounts get spent on food in the markets.

20% of income goes to monthly rent, 32% to food at home and 13% to eating out.

13.5% is spent on buses, funicular, taxis, and gasoline.

Zagreb natives spend only 10% of income on sports, leisure, clothes, and shoes.

Housing takes 9.7% on a monthly basis.

Utilities (Monthly)
Sports & Leisure
Clothing & Shoes
Rent Per Month

Zagreb: Average Salary, Minimum Wage & Mortgages

When you are trying to formulate your budget in Zagreb, keep in mind that the average salary is $976.29 which is a net amount after taxes in opposition to the minimum wage of $479.90.

Thus, the annual net income of an average Zagreb citizen is $11.715.

Mortgage payments, which are usually included in the housing category, decrease people’s savings by 4.40% yearly.

We are talking about the fixed-rate payments on a yearly basis for 20 years.

With all these numbers in mind, you can get an idea of what people in Zagreb earn and how they spend their money.

Average Salary$976.29
Minimum Wage$479.9
Mortgage Interest Rate4.40%

Cost of Living by City in Croatia

*Click the name of the city for more information.

City Cost of Living Index
Osijek 44.95
Rijeka 52.96
Split 53.62
Zagreb 52.2

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